How To Disable Protected View in Office 2010

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2010 has enabled a new Security feature in Office 2010 knows as “Protected View”. Basically It enhances protection against risky Outlook , files that came from the , files that fail validation or files that are located in potentially unsafe locations.

Let’s say your friend or Colleague from Work sent you a Word Document or Excel spreadsheet as an attachment in Outlook 2010 then by default when you double click the spreadsheet or word document it will only open as a read-only document inside Word & Excel, Even Powerpoint Presentations which are sent as attachments in Office 2010 will open in the same “Protected View” by default.

The major disadvantage of this “Protected View” in Office 2010 is that neither can you edit the document nor can we print them.

So How Do We Disable this Protected View in Office 2010 ?

For a Temporary solution only viable on 1 Attachment – We can easily Disable Protected View for 1 Attachment by Clicking on Edit in the menu bar and removing Protected View feature. But If we want to permanently Disable the Protected View in Office 2010, we need to perform these simple steps below –

If you want to disable Protected View in Microsoft Office 2010, Open MS Word and then click on Files.

Next – Select Options from the Menu Bar

This will open the document or Word Options

In the left side you will see Trust Center. Click on it.

In the Trust Center, Click on Protected View and then Disable any or all of the protected mode options (as highlighted above in the picture) by unchecking or deselecting the 3 check boxes under “Protected View” Category or If you only want to disable Protected View for Outlook 2010 Attachments then Click “Protected View” here and deselect the checkbox that says “Enable Protected View for Outlook Attachments.”

Important Note – Do note that the Protected view opens potentially dangerous files, without any security prompts, in a restricted mode to help minimize=e harm to your Windows computer. By disabling Protected view you could be exposing your Windows PC to possible security threats.

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If you want to disable Protected View in Microsoft Office 2010, click on Files.


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