Send Free SMS from iPhone to India From USA, UK and Many More Countries using the Free 160by2 iPhone App

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160by2-iphone-app The popular free SMS website has extended its service by launching its iPhone app.

Already, it was possible to send free SMS from their website, via your computer or your mobile phone . But this new iPhone app will allow direct access to sending free SMSs across a large number of countries.

This iPhone app developed in partnership with, enables iPhone owners residing in US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia to send free SMS to any mobile in India for free. iPhone users in India can also send free SMSs to anybody in India.

If you do not own an iPhone you can still make use of the website to send free SMS’s.

160by2 iPhone App to send free sms
160by2 iPhone App to send free sms

This 160by2 app can be downloaded from Apple iTunes app store for free which is filed under the Social Networking category. The app is compatible with iPad, iPod touch and iPhone the minimum requirement is iOS 3.1 or later.

Click Here to Download 160by2 iPhone App to send Free SMS From Apple iTunes Store

Once the app is installed you will see 3 tabs. The first tab is for sending SMS and for contacts management.

On the first tab (right hand corner) find the contacts button and tap it, then add few groups (example friends, Business, Family), and then add some contacts, this could also be a good time to group your contacts.

Go back to the home screen again and you will find the contacts that you just added. You can now select some contacts and compose a message by tapping the compose button. Type your message and then tap the send button.

If you are using this app for the first time you will see a login screen, you need to login before using the services. If you are new to this, you can make use of the register button to register a new account.

This service is ad-based, so 80 characters from the typical 160 in a single SMS are available for you to type. The rest 80 are given to advertisers to append contextual ads afterwards. The International SMS facility sounds lucrative to people residing abroad and wanting to communicate with the people of India.

The service does have its share of cons; other than the ads after every message you send, the message sender name is So, the receiver cannot quickly hit reply – one would have to create a new message.

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  1. I am wondering about one thing though. Lets say I have an Indian sim card and have setup an account, while being in India. Now is it possible to use this account in any manner from a US iPhone, say by using this application directly or using a web browser?

    Would it be possible to download and install the 160by2 application designed for Indian users to a US iPhone and use that in stead? Would appreciate any comments from any reader with first hand experience.

  2. Yes you can, you can use your indian cell phone number to login to the application and then send the sms via the iphone application to india, Make sure that when you download the app on your US iPhone – Register using your indian cell phone number as Username and then you can login easily from US to send free sms to india

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