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Nowadays thanks to Facebook, People rarely are using Instant Messengers to chat with their friends and loved ones. Indeed, back in June 2009 Facebook announced that they were sending over 1 billion instant messages a day. Facebook Chat is one of the most widely used features within Facebook as many people now use this Facebook Chat Feature as their primary medium of chat communication on the web.

But alas! There are some big Disadvantages or should i say lack of some important features in Facebook Chat – Namely – You Need to be logged On to in a web browser to chat with your other Facebook friends or family members. Now if you are at school or at work where chances are that Facebook can be blocked by a firewall, then what do you do??

Luckily Today I am happy to share with my readers – One such Messenger Software called – Chit Chat for Facebook.

If Facebook were to develop their own desktop instant messenger, chances are, it would look something like Chit Chat for Facebook. Chit Chat boasts a clean and easy to use buddy list, instant message notifications, status alerts and a tabbed message window. In my opinion, it’s a better way to use Facebook Chat.

Chit Chat Facebook Buddy List

ChitChat is a Windows-only desktop client for Facebook that provides a tabbed window to make it easy for you to talk to many friends at once. It will also show notifications in the tray when your friends go online or when they have signed out.

Chit Chat Facebook Chat Window

Download and Try Chit Chat Messenger For Facebook Now! and start chatting with your friends on Facebook Online directly from your desktop without logging on to Facebook.

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