How To Save Facebook Chat History For Offline Viewing

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A lot of users complain that Facebook Chat feature does not allow them to store their chat history and thus they are unable to access all the past important chat which they might had done with their friend or relative before logging off from their Facebook account.

Apparently Facebook is going to come up with an option of saving facebook chat history with their new messaging system which will roll out on on “Invite Only” basis for selected users only.

But till the time that you get an invite for the New Facebook Messaging, Here is a quick solution by which one can easily save Facebook chat history for offline or later viewing.

You can save Facebook Chat History by using Browser Extensions or Add-Ons in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Only.

Facebook Chat History Manager is a great add-on for Firefox that integrates right into Facebook and captures all your chats silently and neatly.

Of course, you have to be chatting in Facebook while within Firefox or Google Chrome and with this add-on enabled, but it’s the best solution I’ve seen out there to this point. You can view the chat history either online or offline, which is nice.
Also, the messages and chats are securely stored and no one else can view them since it’s on your local machine.

In Mozilla Firefox:

  • Install the add-on
  • Go to Tools > Facebook chat history manager > Get Facebook ID
  • After authorizing the Facebook application, you can view your unique Facebook ID
  • Copy the unique ID you got
  • Go to Tools -> Facebook Chat History Manager -> Create Account
  • Sign up
  • To view your chat history go to Tools -> Facebook Chat History Manager ->View History. Here again, you must enter your account details.


Here’s how to install the add-on. First, install the Firefox extension from here:

Once installed, you need to create your account. You can do that by visiting this site:

Go ahead and click Login or Allow so that the program has access to your Facebook account.

You can also create an account by going to Tools, Facebook Chat History Manager and clicking on Create Account.

To view your chat history online, just go to this URL:

and then click on the View Chat History link towards the bottom. You can also view the chat history while offline by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F to open the chat history window.

In Google Chrome:

  • Install the extension
  • Go to Window -> Extensions -> [FbCHM] Options
  • After authorizing the Facebook application, you’ll get your unique Facebook ID
  • Copy it to your clipboard
  • Go to Window -> Extensions -> [FbCHM] Options -> Create Account
  • Sign up
  • To view chat history click the H icon in your address bar, enter your account details and then you can view your chat history.

So before you have another conversation on Facebook, make sure you install this handy little add-ons for Firefox and Chrome  so you can record every Facebook Chat. Enjoy!

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